Raphael Klebanov is Sr. Manager – Customer Experience @WhereScape

Raphael, MCS, PSM, CDVDM, TCP, is a seasoned data warehouse and business intelligence professional with concentration in data architecture, information systems design/implementation, and customer enablement. 20+-years’ experience in all aspects of DW/BI solutions in virtually all business environments and platforms. Extensive experience at every stage of full life-cycle project development, including:

• Requirements (both business and data) definitions/negotiations;
• Systems analysis and design;
• Functional and technical specifications;
• Systems development and implementation;
• Processes and data flows in conformity with the life-cycle;
• Data delivery; software product development;
• Users training and customer interactions.


• Problem resolutions and Customer Empowerment;
• DW/BI Technical and Business Analysis;
• Technical Sales and Customers Engagement;
• DW/BI Solutions Design and Decision Support;
• Projects Planning and Leadership;
• RDBMS, Big Data, HDFS, Hadoop, Hive, other information system components;
• Agile Methodology, Professional Trainer, Scrum Master.

Contact information:
Email:    Raphael0319@gmail.com
Mobile:  +1 303 968 0703
Skype:   raphael_ws


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