Here are the Endorsements from my Previous Jobs.

December 1, 2008

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Technical Partner Manager / Tech. Analyst

WhereScape USA, Inc (CURRENT JOB)


“Raphael worked for me as a pre-sales and post sales data warehouse solutions architect. He has a unique blend of both skills, providing pre-sales demo support to prospects but also being able to provide highly technical data warehouse implementations with customers. I highly recommend him for pre-sales or post-sales data warehousing / business intelligence positions.” February 16, 2009

Richard Smith, VP Sales, WhereScape USA Inc.
managed Raphael at WhereScape USA Inc.


“I worked with Raphael at CIBER and have continued to work with him as a client since he moved to Wherescape. Raphael is an intelligent, sharp individual who is able to bring ideas to a level that helps the business. Raphael is easy to work with and is knowledgeable about data warehouse structure and how it can be used to grow or manage business needs. I would work with Raphael again in a minute.” January 2, 2009

Mark Johnson, dba/tech analyst, ciber
worked directly with Raphael at WhereScape USA, Inc


“Raphael is one of the best consultants I’ve worked with. He is articulate, empathetic, highly motivated and extremely technical. He has an effective manner working with people and is the kind of high-caliber person I would put on any project for any client we support. He is a decent human being and I’m glad to know him.” January 3, 2008

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

Thomas Fisher
hired Raphael as a IT Consultant in 2005, and hired Raphael more than once


“Raphael is detail oriented and was involved for the full cycle of Oracle database development at Lipper. His attention to detail and ability to write clear documents was very helpful to our project. He was able to contribute immediately and asked many detailed questions, which really contributed to the client experience of our team. I recommend Raphael to anyone seeking a detail oriented Oracle/ETL database developer.” January 3, 2008

John Adams, Computer Consultant, Lipper
managed Raphael indirectly at WhereScape USA, Inc



Clients / Customers

WhereScape USA


“…We had another very productive week working with Mr. Klebanov of WhereScape building Byram’s Data warehouse. During the previous sessions of our consulting engagement with Raphael we were able to build, the I phase of the Byram data warehouse. During our current week’s session, we have gained momentum with our DW development activity and have resolved the following items…

 Raphael managed to accomplish all goals that were outlined as part of the kick-off meeting on Monday.  The amount of work done and quality of consulting were completely satisfactory.” November 21, 2008

Sumeet Nagrani, DW/BI Manager, Byram Healthcare, White Plains, NY

Worked directly with Raphael as a WhereScape consultant


“…Thank you so much for recommend Mr. Klebanov … His knowledge and expertise has helped our BI program tremendously…

Along with his technical expertise, Mr. Klebanov has good personal skills that allow him to work well with my staff, thus making the engagement much more productive.  …

I look forward in working with your firm and Mr. Klebanov in the future as our paths crossed.” January 16, 2009

Tho V. Dao, IT Manager, City of Shoreline, WA

Worked directly with Raphael as a WhereScape consultant





IT Consultant

WhereScape USA


“To Whom it may Concern: Raphael and I worked together for approximately 1 year… in the time I’ve know him he is one of the most dedicated and loyal employees that you would ever want to meet. He has the heart of a champion and the will to succeed at everything he does. He is probably one of the most knowledgeable that I’ve ever met in the data warehousing world. He really understands the methodologies and follows procedure to a T. I recommend Raphael Klebanov for any position he feels qualified for. Sincerely, Waid Essick Software Sales” November 5, 2008

Waid Essick, ADR, CDC Software
worked directly with Raphael at WhereScape USA


“Raphael is an experienced Data Warehouse technologist, and a very hard worker with a great attitude. He’s always willing to expend the “extra effort” to insure that clients get value from his services. He’s a great communicator, particularly notable since his primary language has been Russian. This was never an issue in dealing with clients, in fact, most found his knowledge to be top-notch, and his communication skills to be great. Would recommend him anytime…..” August 25, 2008

Tim Clark, Account Manager, WhereScape Software USA
worked directly with Raphael at WhereScape USA



Sr. Programmer Analyst / Bus. Associate

INVESCO / AIM Investments


“Raphael Klebanov has been appointed to work in the Houston Data Services group for the last 6+ months. His function includes working on various aspects of enterprise Siebel Analytics Project. Raphael’s previous experience with range of database applications, his well-rounded set of technical skills, especially Informatica, made him a valuable reinforcement to the existing group.

 During the work on the project, Raphael has reveled strong professional skills both technical and interpersonal. He volunteered to take on additional responsibility as project progressed. The scope of the development required extensive learning of new tools and techniques that Raphael achieved with ease.

He has demonstrated strong ability and discipline to support the group’s effort remotely from Denver. However when it was necessary he was reporting to Houston office without the delay. As an individual, Raphael is honest, energetic and enjoys helping people. He has excellent communication skills, is liked by his management, and peers.

I take this opportunity to recommend Raphael Klebanov’ candidature and express my interest in supporting it further, if you desire so.” September 15, 2005

Mindy W. Bredthauer, Sr. Data Services Manager, AIM Management Group Houston

managed Raphael at AIM Management Group

Raphael possesses excellent technical and interpersonal skills necessary to administer assigned projects as well as to analyze, design, and prepare programs and systems.

Raphael demonstrates strong ability in diagnosing and solving information system problems while maintaining professionalism and courtesy in addition to his ability to manage projects, establish priorities, meet deadlines, and concentrate on detailed information in a fast-paced, demanding work environment.

During his five plus years of services with INVESCO/AIM Investments Raphael has proven himself a hard-working, self-motivated individual with strong work ethics and a positive attitude.

I would highly recommend him to any company seeking these qualities in an individual. June 22, 2005

Chris Marlowe, Data Services Manager. INVESCO / AIM Investments

managed Raphael at INVESCO and AIM Management Group