Data vaults with Wherescape

August 27, 2015

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Data Vaults have been gaining huge attention in recent years all over the world. Invented by Dan Linstedt, Data Vaults is truly an optimal way to build enterprise data warehouses. WhereScape – an industry leading information systems software company – fully supports Data Vault methodology. Read the blog for more about it…

WhereScape Data Vaults


WhereScape New Features and Benefits

July 15, 2015

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Many new features are added in every RED and 3D release; it is hard to catch up with fast-paced WhereScape software. This article aims at shedding light on those new features so our customers and prospects have a comprehensible picture as to why they would want to use them.

WhereScape New Features and Benefits

Big Data Small Scale

March 3, 2015

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A common sentiment of a Big Data has been that it is too big and too costly for small and medium businesses because it requires enormous processing power to crunch all those oodles of data. But it is becoming more clear that this is an outdated perception! Processing power is cheaper and more accessible than any time in the past, granting small and medium-sized enterprises ability to tame Big Data and use it for small operations with limited IT resources and shortage of time and money.

  Blog – Big Data Small Scale

Information Systems Challenges and WhereScape Solution

February 26, 2015

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A modern information system serves as an integrated set of components for collecting, storing, and processing data and delivering knowledge. Building an information system – whether it is operational store, data warehouse, or accessing layer et al – has always been a difficult task. WhereScape – as productivity tool – provides a holistic answer for information systems build consisting of Automation Solution, Iterative (Agile) Solution, and Integrated Solution.

IS Challenges WhereScape Solution

Integrate Tableau with your Data Warehouse

January 30, 2015

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With WhereScape RED’s Tableau Integration Suite, you can automatically find the impact to your Tableau workbooks of any Data Warehouse change.You can also create Tableau extracts by drag and drop, send Tableau objects to a Tableau Server and refresh any objects on the Tableau Server as part of you data warehouse schedule.

RED Tableau Data Sheet

Near Real Time Processing

December 28, 2014

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A traditional DW architecture should not assume a real time context keeping the system online while updating its data.
However, it is possible, under certain circumstances, to have near real time (NRT) processing in Data warehouse environment. WhereScape RED support NRT processing.

Near Real Time Processing

How to Create RED PIT

March 16, 2013

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Point-in-Time (PIT) considers a non-core Data Vault object and is used for one reason only – performance. It is defined by DAn Linstedt as “A structure which sustains integrity of joins across time to all the Satellites that are connected to the Hub [or Link]” 

WhereScape has successfully implemented Point-in-Time structures on customers’ sites.

Best Practices for Building a Warehouse Quickly How to create RED PIT